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Ravenna Mosaic


A mosaic detail in Ravenna, Italy

Daring to care

Continuing a legacy

Welcome! This site is dedicated to our father, Patrick J. Fazzari, M.D., a notable and accomplished physician of Pediatrics and Rehabilitation Medicine whose life’s work and strong personal pursuits were centered around compassion and care.

Dad purchased the domain name Daring To Care years ago, intending to build a website around the concept. Although we do not know how he wished to use it, I have created this site to celebrate his legacy and mark the one-year anniversary of his passing. 

These three words encapsulate Dad's philosophy, blending his spirituality and compassionate practice of medicine with the courage to act for the benefit of others. Dad’s audacity to truly care about patients - his ability to listen attentively to their concerns and piece together a treatment plan; his advocacy for those who felt defeated by a medical insurance system that did not believe them; and his conviction to never close the door on Medicare patients - all set Dad apart. He understood that compassion and empathy were too often absent not only in medicine but also in the world at large. He was constantly drawn to these values in his  own intellectual and cultural pursuits beyond medicine:  opera, classical music, literature, spirituality, writing stories, history, automobiles, Italian culture and film. When a protagonist, historic figure, composer or artist chose to do what was moral - demonstrating deep-rooted care no matter the great personal cost - Dad was most moved and inspired.

On Daring To Care you can learn much more about our father by browsing the interest sections, purchase his novel CHAPEL OF ST. DISMAS: A Faithful Man's Adventure To Self-Discovery, or donate to one of his favorite non-profit organizations.

We believe that our father’s meaningful life is an inspiration for others. Thank you for keeping his legacy alive; he would be truly honored by your interest!

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